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6 Reasons to Move Your Home Office to a Shared Office Space

  01 May 2013    Posted by Brad Roark   

Between kids being home for the summer and the day-to-day distractions of working from home, now might be the time to consider moving your home business to a shared office space. Read on for six reasons why this is a smart idea.

Fewer Distractions
Unless you live in a totally immaculate, kid-, pet-, and partner-free space, chances are there are plenty of things going on in your home that are taking your attention away from your work. Moving your office out of your house means fewer disruptions, from kids needing lunch to pets wanting walks to the siren call of dirty dishes.

Better Work/Life Split
Working at home comes with the unfortunate reality of the never-ending workday. Unlike those who can leave an office at 5pm and forget about work until the next morning, your home office is always beckoning. By renting shared office space, you have more of a chance to leave work at work and spend time focusing on your family (or yourself!) when you’re done for the day.

Opportunity for Collaboration
 At home, it’s just you in your office. While you can certainly call colleagues and friends to brainstorm and collaborate, there’s less of a chance that you’ll stumble onto a great idea in the course of a conversation. If you take your work to a shared office or co-working space, however, you’ll likely spend more time chatting with fellow professionals, leading to more sparks of inspiration.

Fewer Temptations
Because you’re not “at work” when you’re at home, it can be easy to take extended breaks to go out for lunch with friends, watch TV while you work, or put off work for later in the day to catch up on sleep. One of the benefits of a shared office space is that you actively “go to work,” which might help you focus and take your work more seriously.

Better Setup
Home offices are often lacking in the set-up department. Maybe you’re using a printer from 1997; maybe you’re using a kitchen chair at your desk instead of something ergonomic with wheels; maybe the closet in your home office is overflowing with clothes you keep meaning to donate. Regardless of your specific situation, moving to a shared office means you get to take advantage of space planned specifically for work, featuring better technology than you might invest in for your home office, and likely better lighting and less clutter.

Opportunity for Growth
Finally, getting your business out of your house means that you’re no longer confined by the space of your home office. Shared office space and co-working spaces are, by nature, flexible, meaning you can have all the space you need to hire another employee and see clients in a more professional environment.

Brad Roark is part of the marketing team at Office Suites PLUS. Catch him on twitter @bradaroark & Google+.

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