Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Dudash Group

You’ve most likely met me through my employment with Executive Office Centers, Alliance, Vantas, HQ Global Workplaces, Alliance Business Centers Network, Corporate Office Centers, Synergy Workplaces, and most recently, Carr Workplaces and the Preferred Office Network.  After 21+ years of combined service to these outstanding groups, I have started my own e-suite consulting business and believe my services could be of significant value to you.   Who better to help your company than someone who has walked the walk and talked the talk?

My specialty is developing operational systems to ensure efficiencies and increased profits. I analyze the problem, make recommendations, and execute changes needed for a smoother-running company. Whether it's developing company procedures, acting as project manager during business center openings, facilitating an acquisition/integration, performing on-site center audits, assisting with special projects, or providing ongoing operational support, I can handle it for you.

My reputation speaks for itself, not to mention the numerous endorsements I have of my work.  You can't ask for a better partner! Take a look at some of the many services available to you:

·         On-site project manager to oversee opening of new locations or integration/acquisition of centers
·         Internal Intranet design & maintenance
·         Creation of company Standard Operating Procedures
·         Development of "Center Readiness Evaluation & Standards Review" form & process
·         Performing those onsite center reviews at your centers
·         HR – including interviewing & onboarding
·         Training program design & implementation
·         Team member handbooks
·         Job descriptions
·         Bonus plans
·         Dress code creation & rollout
·         Business etiquette training
·         Employee evaluation programs
·         Rewards & recognition programs
·         Secret shop – telephone or in person
·         Collection processes
·         Internal & external newsletters
·         Client welcome process and tools
·         Client surveys – annual, move-in and move-out
·         Use of Morningstar and Salesforce
·         ...and so much more!

If any of my services are of interest to you, let's discuss how I can help your business run smoother, more efficiently, and grow into the business you know it can be.

Nancie Dudash


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