Monday, July 30, 2012


 Brussels 2012: $HOW ME THE MONEY!

   At ABCN’s WorldView Forum in Brussels, we’ve got your bottom line in mind.

From joining the mobile revolution to 'greening' up your business models, we've covered a range of great topics at past WorldView Forums, knocking them out of the park. This year? We're taking it to the bank.

Trend-setting forecasts, thought leadership predictions, revenue growth patterns. Join us on Wednesday, September 26 as Chairman Frank Cottle sets the stage by kicking off our biggest, boldest, most bottom line boosting program of all time. Prepared to give up industry insights and money-making secrets, Frank and our panel of experts are ready and waiting to start things off with a bang!

Give your bottom line the star treatment it deserves and register now! In 2012,  ABCN is  going to Show You the Money!       

For More Details Contact: 

In the Americas,
Asia and Australia:

+1 (949) 313-3409
Toshi Maeda    

In Europe, UK
and Middle East:

+31 (65) 329 1109
John Milhado

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